Mobile Menu toggler and search buttons not working when set to full screen



I’ve set up a custom elementor header, using the raven Menu (set to full screen) and also a raven search icon (set to full screen)

I’ve also set up a sticky header that uses a different elementor custom header. within this sticky menu, I have a different menu selected, but still using the raven menu item within the elementor header. This shows the secondary ‘sticky’ header when scrolled.

Both of these menus also include a raven cart module too, which works intermittently.

They both appear correctly, but neither the search, nor mobile menu toggler buttons work in this instance, is there anything I can do to make it work?

Currently I’m working on MAMP, but will put it onto a web server if I anyone can help?

Many thanks


Well, I recently checked the burger menu and it was working fine.
Can you share a screenshot of the structure?


Hey, I think it was when i was testing the site, on first load in each responsive size, it’s fine - however if you resize the window at all, that’s when it’s happening. Guessing something to do with the header using JS to resize?


hmm, could be, but obviously, you are not going to resize it on an actual mobile device.