Mobile Menu Doesn't work on iPads


I have the same problem on my site as The Ken demo page has with my new iPad air. If you open the Ken demo page in the iPad, and click on the three lines signifying the menus:
And then click on any of the menu lines, you get a rollover color of green, but no action. You can’t get to the submenus:
All you can do is use the X to back out and go back to the nome page.

If the Ken demo doesn’t work, did anyone ever check to see why not? Any fixes?
I’m using the current OS 9.2.1


I’ve also experience the same issue that occur on mobile phone and tablets. Somebody has a solution?


We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed in future updates. Please kindly stay tuned for upcoming releases.


Will this be resolved soon?


We hope that our dev guys will manage to resolve this soon. Please kindly be patient until an update with a fix for this is released.


This is still an issue for me

Could you please advise on how to fix this?


I have the same problem. Responsive menu button is not working on mobile phone. It is working on my tablet. Has this been resolved? Is there an update I can download?


The responsive ‘burger’ menu is visible but non-functioning in my native android browser on smartphone. It works if the browser is changed to Chrome, but not everyone wants to use Chrome, including me. And for those who are not using it, they arrive at a site with a non-responsive menu…

This seems to be an issue with the Ken theme.

I opened a support ticket over 2 weeks ago and have had no constructive help whatsoever. The occasional 3-4 day reply saying ‘sorry for the inconvience’ and that’s about it.

Is anybody there at Artbees Support who can resolve this basic issue with your theme?