Mobile logo not correct


Am trying to get logo to line up correctly next to the hamburger menu, but it keeps getting knocked down below it with an ugly white band up there.

I have resized logo all over the place. Is there a size it needs to be to fit correctly in that space?

Referring to responsive mobile phone sizes in portrait mode.



Please try to add this code in Theme Settings > Custom CSS:

@media handheld, only screen and (max-width: 650px) {
.mobile-menu-exists .mk-mobile-logo {
   width: 300px;

Best regards,
Artbees Support.


I did that and no change.

Is there a preferred size for the logo for mobile? I’m not finding that information anywhere.


Hello @Tyler_Johnson,

As I see logo is beside the menu now:

not under it as it was before.
Please try to check again and clear your browser cache before.

Thank you.
Best regards,
Artbees Support.


Have cleared caches on 7 different phones, but everyone is getting the attached.

Thank you


Hello @Tyler_Johnson,

What device are you checking in?

Thank you.
Best regards,
Artbees Support.