Minerva Jupiterx has two headers, but only one seems to work


I used the Minerva template to rebuild a site from Jupiter to Jupiter X. I noticed the template installs two headers one is normal and the other is sticky. I can’t seem to find any way to make the site use both. I had to take the normal header and make it sticky which is not ideal or how I handled the site pre Jupiter X. Any suggestions on this? Is there a way to have two Elementor headers and have the site use both when a person scrolls down that i am missing?


A bit more information or an example how my use case if it helps.

The main header has the logo above the a centered menu. I would like the sticky header to have the logo on the left and the menu on the right.

As far as I can tell in the customizer you can only select one header for sticky so I cannot resolve this issue. Hopefully I am missing something. Since in Jupiter 6 I could create this style.



Yes, you can use separate headers for the main header and the sticky header.
You will have to use the custom header rather than the default header.

Create 2 custom header templates using Elementor one each for main header and sticky header.
Then, go to JupiterX -> Customize -> Header and set the header to custom. Choose the custom templates for main header and sticky header and that’s it…!

Here is an article to create a custom header https://help.artbees.net/video-tutorials/header/creating-a-custom-header-in-elementor

Here is an article to create a custom sticky header https://help.artbees.net/header/creating-a-sticky-header



Yes. These are the steps I completed. Only the main header ever shows up on the site as the top and sticky header. In fact I have changed the site back to a static header and it is ignoring that change and still using the main Elementor header template. I guess I will have to put in a support ticket?


It’s very strange.
Please log into your Artbees account and start a new chat with the support.