Migration tool from Jupiter 6 to Jupiter X


Guys, I have a 2000 page website on Jupiter 6. How am I supposed to convert it to Jupiter X page by Page? That will cost thousands of dollars. Please make some kind of migration tool.



Please check this article and the comments below: https://themes.artbees.net/blog/jupiter-x-announced/
It has info related to your question.



Any News on that? The Upgrading how-to is kind of a joke and doesn’t really help.

  • We have everything in a staging-enviroment
  • We can’t rebuild the site with some simple clicks, like shown in your fancy animated and upspeeded gifs. If we will do this, it’s basically the same like a fully redesign. There are thousands of shortcodes from wpbakery, hundreds of content-snippets, blogposts, images, animations, sites, etc. etc.

It’s cool that you guys switched to a whole new technology. But i won’t buy this theme again, if there is no migration-tool. It doesn’t matter if there is some work left to do, after a migration - it doesn’t have to be perfect. But leave the community alone with such a big step is really bad.


Unfortunately, as of now there are no migration tools available but the good news is that if you want you can stay with Jupiter 6. Jupiter 6 will be supported, maintained and updated separately & indefinitely which means you do not have to upgrade the existing sites to Jupiter X necessarily.


Do you still will provide support also for plugins connected to Jupiter 6.x?
Actually your Visual Composer version is a bit outdated… the essential thing, for me, is to have at least security patches for every plugins bundled with Jupiter 6.x


Yes, after the upcoming Jupiter X release, we will provide a new update for Jupiter v6 and the plugins for sure.