Menu Burger needs to have text "Menu" option


Three lines are great but some like to see the word “menu” instead, or beside the burger icon…


Thank you for your feature request. Our developers will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests and they see it fit.


I don’t particularly like using the Menu text next to a burger, but lots of clients ask for stuff like that, so it would be a cool little addition to the already massive Jupiter arsenal.


Jeremy - yes I dont want it either but seems my future client does, and i liked it so much i used it as well…but Arttbees gave me css to do that and looks pretty good - link here


Some clients like it since it can help some of the older generations get on track with mobile. Maybe adding the word Menu or giving us the option of placing whatever text we would want.

+1 over here!


+1. I also think this would be very useful. Or some flashy way to show a “click here to start” text or image which could then disappear.


+1 and some more text.


I’d like to see the option because some clients want it and they pay the bills! :slight_smile:
Like Josh Allen says, it can be fixed with custom CSS and his example saved my skin.


+1 yes please please


Did this get added? Can’t see it in the options and consider it a must.


I also need this feature.


Hi guys, I can’t take credit for this fix as it was posted by another member a long time ago in a similar topic. Unfortunately, I cant find it. However, this should provide a solution if you just add it to the custom css area. Works perfectly on my site.

margin-left: add your own value here
height: add your own value here


how can I delete this burger in my menu as I don’t need it?