Mega Menu Options, especially on Mobile & Theme Organisation



I’m a long-term user and fan of Jupiter, owning many copies. It’s a great theme but is currently lacking some more in-depth customisation options and functionality that really should be included by this point. One area in particular that I would like to see improved is the Mega Menu.

Please can you kindly consider the following improvements:

  1. The option to make column headings clickable. The most annoying part about this is that when the Mega Menu is viewed on a mobile device the column headings “are” clickable, but obviously go nowhere and instead close the menu. This does not provide a good user experience and there’s no way to prevent this. If it’s not possible to add links to column headings then at least ensure they have consistent behaviour on both desktop and mobile devices. They should either be clickable on both devices or not. This brings me onto the second point.

  2. Column titles on mobile devices “are” clickable and there isn’t any way to prevent this. When a user views a Mega Menu on a mobile device the column headings simply appear like the actual links below them and if clicked they close the menu and do nothing! There should be an option to target and style column headings on mobiles to prevent this behaviour. I realise that we can omit column headings altogether and use a “-”, but this looks awful on mobile devices and isn’t a real solution.

  3. My last point relates to the actual organisation of sections within the Theme Settings and I’ve touched on this briefly with support in the past. I’m sure this has grown considerably worse over the past few releases though. Currently, you could find yourself having to visit 4-5 different locations to customise text through the different sections of the site. Is this really the most efficient way to organise this? Perhaps all text related options could be found in one single location (like Avada), which could then have sub sections if needs be. Just a suggestion though.

Thanks for your time.


If you didn’t find a solution yet, maybe this will help you. Add it at your custom css[href=’#’] {
pointer-events: none !important;

Now columns titles will not be clickable on mobiles


Hi Nick,

Thanks for taking the time to post a reply, it’s very much appreciated. Artbees have since supplied a javascript solution that appears to have worked, but I’ll give this a shot as well. Hopefully, this functionality will be added to the standard theme code in future versions.

Thanks again for the reply and solution.


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