Making Portfolio Thumbnails clickable - new issue


Hi, I need help please!
I want to make my entire portfolio thumbnails clickable, not just the icon.
I tried adding the js and css suggested in the past (link to that topic below),

My problem is that it does make the thumbnail clickable,
but it doesn’t link anywhere has no href attribute. Only the icon actually has a link.

I know this has been addressed in the past here:


You can checkout this Make Whole Portfolio Thumbnail Clickable


did you read my post? I used the code given in that post and it does not work.


Can you instead try this JS code:

	$('.mk-portfolio-item .featured-image').click(function(e){
		var href = $(this).find('.project-load').attr('href');

		window.location.href = href;

And this CSS code:

.mk-portfolio-item .featured-image{
	cursor: pointer;

Let me know if this works?


thank you Danish, but it did not fix the issue. Only the icon has a link:


Hi Danish, this did not work. Can you help?


@Danish_Iqbal Is this something I can get help with if I renew support on envato?
If not, Please tell me how I can get help.


Can you please tell me what to do? I will renew paid support if that is what it takes. Please respond.


Hi, I had the same problem but found a solution:
You can edit this file:


and wrap the article in a
<a href="<?= mk_get_super_link(get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), '_portfolio_permalink', true)); ?>"> tag.