Make the blog look nicer and more modern -- like Medium


I really love Jupiter, but I really hate the blog. I think it looks terrible. Can you please update the look and feel of the options soon?!



Could you please describe with more details what you’d like to be updated?
Your specific notices will help us.

Thank you.
Best regards,
Artbees Support.


I just don’t feel like there’s many, if any, good-looking options for creating a beautiful blog. It seems impossible to do in Jupiter.


I endorse the request. Jupiter pages are awesome, but blog posts are not attractive and don’t invite visitors to read the content.


If the blog looked as clean as Medium, with similar functionality (highlighted tweets, stretch images, better looking block and pull quotes, etc.)

The Clear and Bold blog is my favorite, but it still lacks functionality for serious bloggers.



Here’s another Themeforest product with a blog style I’d love to see in Jupiter:

Check out their “news” page.

I don’t think Jupiter is that far off. Just some simple tweaks. For example, the blockquote in Jupiter needs a serious upgrade. Something more simple, like Pile (the example above).

I probably wouldn’t use another theme for my blog if the design was more modern.