Main navigation / footer messed up after ANY site edits?


Hi All,

Firstly, thank you ahead of time your your help and insights regarding this issue.
I am running Jupiter version 6.1.6 on Wordpress 4.9.9 (says it’s the latest version of WP). I also use (what I think is Jupiter’s page builder) WPBakery Page Builder 5.5 (modified version). Issues run across browsers Chrome, Safari, & Firefox.

I am running into a problem with the structure of my site,, mainly noticed in the top bar navigation and footer (images & links), and when it happens, it seems to be whenever we make ANY edits anywhere on the website (not to any of the navigation. And could only be a simple page text edit). Fortunately, after 5-10 minutes, the site returns to normal.

Links to mobile example:
what site SHOULD look like
what it looks like when jacked up

Wondering if anybody is familiar with this problem? So far, obviously it doesn’t seem imperative since it looks to return to normal, but during our busy season (summer tourist economy), we very regularly get visitors and would like to seamlessly make edits during regular work hours if needed. We did not have this problem in the past. Started noticing early this week, and already removed optimizing plugins & unused plugins.

Thanks again!
Three Dog Ink


Looks a very strange issue.
Are you using any cache plugin?


I do not have any cache plugin installed.


Try disabling all the plugins except the required ones and see if that helps?


Still unable to figure this out. No worries although it is not desirable that it acts up like this.


Hey all,
I’d still like to get this resolved if possible. While I’m sure other Jupiter users have larger issues than I, as this only has problems whenever I make edits. But WHY does it do that, and ANY other options to fix it other than plugin disabling?



I can see you are using Autoptimize which is causing this issue. Please try disabling the Autoptimize and clear your theme cache and then try again. The issue should be resolved.