Love the new header builder - Would love a few additions/tweaks though



I am LOVING the new header builder! I am thinking about rebuilding my whole website with Jupiter just so I can use the header builder!! As a test I am attempting to recreate the header from with Jupiter header builder but I keep encountering problems. This is what I have so far…

I have a few suggestions that I would really help me create a header like the website above and provide flexibility to meet a wide range of customer needs:

  1. The ability to add images other than just the logo from the theme options. I think it would be good to include so people can add logos like Paypal, Mastercard, Visa logos or other logos/graphics as needed
  2. Ability to add and style social media icons
  3. It would be good if we could manually set the width, layout and padding of columns - I found it hard to achieve the tab layout on the top row (left side) of the header. It is still slightly annoying me as I would’ve liked to be full width (aligned left to the edge of the browser with slight padding to match the right side) but I couldn’t achieve this with the column layouts available and still have the text on the same row, aligned right.
  4. I experienced some buggy issues when setting the menu navigation colour and hover style. I had the text set to black but appeared pink when I previewed it - I even did a hard refresh and other changes I made came through but the pink didn’t change to black.

Just a couple of ideas there but you are definitely on a winner so far! Congratulations!! I have never seen such an innovative feature and have not seen anything even remotely similar implemented in other builder style themes. Keep up the great work!!


Also just wanted to add - when I add a logo to the sticky header using the header builder it would be good to be able to a) use the sticky header logo defined in the theme settings or b) upload a new/different logo in the header builder itself. A lot of the time people want to use a simplified logo in the sticky header and not the full logo. It is a nice little extra customisation that I think really adds to the website style.


Thank you very much for your kind feedback :slightly_smiling_face:
The beta testing program is for reporting bugs but we do truly appreciate your feedback about the features and will consider your points in our future plans. But here are some point regarding your suggestions:

  1. The Image Element -> We are currently having this among our plans and we will release another update soon containing this feature.

  2. The Social media element -> We have this in the list too and it will be added to the future releases.

  3. padding/alignment options -> We will try to improve the workflow and our documentation soon. Thanks.

  4. Navigation colors -> I tested this issue at my end but it looks pretty alright to me. The colors seem to be working fine. Do you think that you might have added some custom CSS which is overriding the color option in the Frontend?

  5. About the Changeable logo in sticky header, It will be possible when the Image Element will be available in the future release.

Thank you for helping us to make Jupiter better, in particular, the Header builder.
We hope that you will continue helping us in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:


Whats the time frame of the header builder being the only options vs the already built in header options? If I didn’t have to go through and update every single site to this new builder that would be ideal. Or if you have a way to auto convert headers we already have into the header builder that would save you guys from getting a ton of flack from people who manage a lot of sites. Especially if we already have custom css and call to action buttons added to our headers already


You will be able to use both the Header types by switching between the Header builder and the header built using the Theme Options.

For now, you will have to update every site to use Header builder.

Unfortunately, there is no way to convert the already built header into Header Builder.


@Danish_Iqbal What I meant was more if your intent is to one day ONLY have the header builder I hope there will be an easy way to convert to that rather than having to rebuild headers on every site


We will continue to have both Header Builder and Pre-built Header.

We are planning to have templates in the future so that you can use a single template on every website without creating from scratch.


Do we have a rough ETA on public release for the header builder? Am currently deciding which theme to use for a new client and this feature would really come in handy, but if it’s still 1 month from release this won’t be any good for me unfortunately.



The Header Builder is still in Beta mode. I can’t give an exact ETA about the stable release.
Today we have released Beta 2 with bug fixes and feature additions for Header Builder.