Link to My Account page in login form dropdown



I’d like to add a link to the dropdown menu of the login form in the header toolbar. Currently only ‘edit profile’ and ‘Logout’ is displayed in the dropdown. I would like to also have the ‘My Account’ link in the dropdown. Is that possible?

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You’ll have to edit theme file via FTP jupiter/views/header/toolbar/login.php and add your code there.
It’s better to use child theme and copy the file login.php to the child theme with the same directory structure jupiter-child/views/header/toolbar/login.php.

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Hi Tatyana,

Thank you for the quick reply.

Works great!



You’re welcome.

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One additional question, I would like to have a ‘Register’ link (for new customers) in the dropdown of the login:


Is this standard or should I also edit the login.php to achieve this?



Yes, you should also edit login.php file. There is no such option by default.

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Hi there,

There is also the option to activate the default registration option with Jupiter 6.x, being


in the default login.php file.

The ONLY thing one has to do is:

1 - Go to the WordPress Dashboard,
2 - Go to “Settings”,
3 - Select “General”,
4 - Enable the checkbox at “Membership” - “Anyone can register”

and the registration form in Jupiter 6.1.x becomes active.

Sure, the default login.php file is not ideal, but hopefully the above helps a bit.

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Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: