Link on all area of Icon box / Image Box / Custom box



there is a workaround:


Thank you for the suggested workaround.

I suggest the following improvement, in order to be able to use the “Button Url” of the image/icon/custom box:

  1. Add “make-it-clickable” class to Extra Class field in Custom Box settings

  2. Under Theme Options > Advanced > Custom CSS insert the following code:

.make-it-clickable {
cursor: pointer;
.make-it-clickable .item-button {
display: none;

  1. Under Theme Options > Advanced > Custom JS paste the following code:

jQuery(".make-it-clickable").click(function () {
window.location = jQuery(this).find(’.item-button a’).attr(‘href’);

In my case I didn’t want to open the link in a new window, if this is needed, just switch back to “” as previously suggested



I’ve been using Jupiter for years and this is probably my number one request. I can’t believe this isn’t already included!

Any update from Jupiter staff?


+1 would definitely be great


+1 I can’t believe this isn’t already a feature. It’s pretty basic and a feature on many other themes.

The work arounds are fine but a bit of a pain!


Alright Artbees, this is not even a feature request. This is simply a super obvious feature that all these elements should have. It’s kind of like having Ford build you a car without a steering wheel. It’s pretty useless without this key element.

Get it done!!!


I found a super simple workaround. Put in two HTML blocks. One above and one below the custom box with a href tags.


In the HTML block above the custom box, use

<a href="#">

In the HTML block below the custom box, use


Change the # to whatever URL you want to use.

It’s working here:


Still love to have options for a clickable link to open both for same window and new window in various elements like icon box, image switch, custom box, etc. Seems essential function. Please add. Thank you.


Add me to the list. Need this feature. Thanks to the users that have offered workarounds.