Link on all area of Icon box / Image Box / Custom box



there is a workaround:


Thank you for the suggested workaround.

I suggest the following improvement, in order to be able to use the “Button Url” of the image/icon/custom box:

  1. Add “make-it-clickable” class to Extra Class field in Custom Box settings

  2. Under Theme Options > Advanced > Custom CSS insert the following code:

.make-it-clickable {
cursor: pointer;
.make-it-clickable .item-button {
display: none;

  1. Under Theme Options > Advanced > Custom JS paste the following code:

jQuery(".make-it-clickable").click(function () {
window.location = jQuery(this).find(’.item-button a’).attr(‘href’);

In my case I didn’t want to open the link in a new window, if this is needed, just switch back to “” as previously suggested



I’ve been using Jupiter for years and this is probably my number one request. I can’t believe this isn’t already included!

Any update from Jupiter staff?


+1 would definitely be great


+1 I can’t believe this isn’t already a feature. It’s pretty basic and a feature on many other themes.

The work arounds are fine but a bit of a pain!


Alright Artbees, this is not even a feature request. This is simply a super obvious feature that all these elements should have. It’s kind of like having Ford build you a car without a steering wheel. It’s pretty useless without this key element.

Get it done!!!


I found a super simple workaround. Put in two HTML blocks. One above and one below the custom box with a href tags.


In the HTML block above the custom box, use

<a href="#">

In the HTML block below the custom box, use


Change the # to whatever URL you want to use.

It’s working here:


Still love to have options for a clickable link to open both for same window and new window in various elements like icon box, image switch, custom box, etc. Seems essential function. Please add. Thank you.