Link on all area of Icon box / Image Box / Custom box



We use a lot of image box or custom box and we always have to add a button to add a link.
It would be more easy for the user if all the box surface (the image itself on the image box for example) could host the link instead of only the button zone.


Thank you for your feature request,

Our developers will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests and/or they see it fit.


Is there any way to manually implement this for the time being? I need this feature for our website to go live…and it seems like a no-brainer!


You are welcomed to ask for a quote from our Artbees Care service to implement the functionality for you:

Thank you.


This would be a great upgrade. There are a few other elements that could use this too.

Would be great for Image Switch too. We’d use Image Switch on every site if we had an option to link. Without a link option, it isn’t nearly as practical or useful.


Totally agree, lets get this feature added. Staring at Image Switch right now, love it but can’t use it!


Please let me know if you solved this or a way to make a whole image into a button with a state change that links to a URL. PLEASE!


We would like this feature too!


+1 count me in on this feature request!!!


+1 links on image switch is a must have :slight_smile:


i would like this too


+1 I need this feature too!


+1 and some more chars …


I also want this to be an option. It would be nice to be able to click on the images, not just the link text below the picture.


I figured out a way to do this but I’m sure it’s not technically correct. I separated the mk_custom_box shortcode, put a standard a href link around it and then closed it with a standard link close.

I wanted the entire custom box to link and it does now. not sure how this forum works but I’m happy to answer questions.


Yes, please please please add image link in same window and new tab options for all the boxes and images and especially image switch. I’d love to use image switch more, but without a link it’s not very useful.


+1. Would love to be able to add a link url to any custom box, so that clicking anywhere within the box or its contents opens the link.


I would like this feature as well! Very useful! Your Indra template portrays this but if this was a reality it would be a much better template!


Would love for this feature to be added, link on a image would save so much time, its been 11 months since this feature was requested, anyone found a way to do it?


I would really love/need this feature, too.

Considered that the topic is open since 2015 and that there seems to be quite a request about it, are there any news from Artbees? Or could you maybe give us some workaround to obtain what we need?

Thank you very much in advance :+1: