Licenses, multisite and multi-domain


Dear team, we are testing your theme and we do like it.
Now that we have finalised our tests, we’d like to know the following.
We have right now our current theme that is using one license behind one domain (e.g. and etc etc)
If I understand well, in this case, we need only 1 license to cover our need as we are basically creating landing pages for the same business case.
Now, what if we want to attach a domain on top like a redirect?
Is this still possible to use the same license? Physically it is a subsite (literally a page) but we do have separate domains. Same when it comes to languages with WPML we want to localise the domain to point to the french version for instance.
Let us know before we proceed to migrate to your template otherwise we might have to, unfortunately, stay with what we have.
Take care and thanks in advance