JupiterX 1.12.0 breaks Headers (again) if Elementor Pro active


It appears a problem has appeared again. After updating to JupiterX 1.12.0 while Elementor Pro (2.7.3) is running (i’m using the flip-box widget among others) the header is completely missing.

  1. Disabling Elementor Pro brings the headers back, but since I used Elementor’s Nav menu they vanish.
  2. Disabling Raven does not appear to resolve this issue (like last time)
  3. Disabling all plugins, but Elementor, Jupiter Core, and Elementor Pro does not resolve the issue.

Anyone else seeing this with the newest theme version?
I tried rolling back, but the problem appears to remain.


Yeah, I’m having header issues. I can get a header to show up but there are so many issues with it including the loss of sticky headers. I had to downgrade to version 1.10.0 along with the plugins for Jupiter X Core (1.8.0) and Raven (1.5.0).

I’m starting to get frustrated with the basic things that break with the last two releases.


Here too… the last two updates break my site entirely. Sidebar, menu nav, fonts, background… all broken or gone.


Hi Jeff, there is a fix for it on the way. However, if you remove the Elementor Pro Display Conditions, all would be fine.


Removing the Display Conditions does not work anymore after most recent update. Header disappears.
WP 5.2.4
JX 1.12.0
Raven 1.7.0


After removing the Display Conditions you need to set the header and footer from the Jupiter X Customizer. However, there is a fix for this issue coming out soon, but you can also fix the problem by removing the display conditions and setting the proper templates through the Customizer


I did exactly what you said but the header does not show. I was able to fix this as you said a few weeks ago by removing the Display Conditions, but now that method no longer works anymore.

Here is a video to show that I did what you said: https://www.loom.com/share/b67493d8f7324b828da4d25dd5a1fe4a


having the same issue, tried a few things but nothing worked, disabling elementor pro does not work for me because the raven menu stays always on active if i use sections on the page. the elementor menu only turns active if i am scrolling over the section.

any news about when the release that should fix the issue will be published?


Setting elementor display conditions to “None” on the headers AND footer worked for me on several sites. I made sure I set the display conditions to none before I updated the theme and plugins associated with the theme.