Jupiter X, Wocommerce and Elementor


I really hate that Elementor is constantly not loading. It is absolutely useless! At one point the store page was completely srambled for no reason. I have been working on a site with less than 10 items to sell for more than a week. Just the store part. The site is already built, the product pages are already built. Just trying to get the damn thing live. I can’t get Elementor to load. I hate it, it is so tweeky. After a week or so I thought it was Jetpack that caused the problem. OK, great so no Woocommerce Services. Fine! I’ll deal without the automated taxes. Setting up Woocommerce. Fine. it’s still there, then when I get it connected to Paypal Sandbox, no frikin’ Elementor. The only way I can get it back is to reload a previous backup and start the Woocommerce setup again. What the heck? Why is this so complicated? It used to be so easy. I’m just about to the point of rebuilding the whole damn thing in Jupiter 6 with Visual Composer.