Jupiter X Site Speed vs Jupiter 6


Can you share your GTMetrix result here please?


Of course. The server load at the tests time was something like this

load average: 0.59, 0.35, 0.27

and both tests was made using the GT server (London UK) nearest to my server.

JupiterX 1.3.0

Jupiter 6.1.6

The first v6 site has a quite heavy homepage with a lot of requests and a couple of wp loop to recall portfolio and blog posts, but the server time in the test was 1.9s versus the 3.0s of the Jupiterx One.
Please note that in the first v6 site I have 31 active plugins, while in the jupiterx one they are 23.

I’ve added a second v6 site test, a better optimized site and with a lighter homepage. It scored a backend time of 0.9s.