Jupiter X Site Speed vs Jupiter 6


We are experiencing a pretty big lag time compared to Jupiter 6.

After rebuilding our site to Jupiter X from Jupiter 6 we’ve been noticing some pretty bad site speed issues.

Jupiter X is a 2 full seconds slower than it’s predecessor with our home page and internal pages.

We’ve tested this across multiple platforms: Google Site Speed Insights, Chrome Audits, Webpage Test and GTMetrix.

The first issue we’ve noticed is that the ‘Speed Optimization’ tab is no longer available to turn off Custom Post Types.

As a holder of dozens of Jupiter licenses, and after the time it took to rebuild the site, this news is pretty disheartening.

We’ve got the usual line up of optimizations: CDN, HTTP2, Object Caching, PHP 7.2

Are there any site speed optimizations in the works for this theme?

I can see the https://jupiterx.artbees.net/ is testing at a 26% in Google Page Speed Insights, and at a 4.973s load time from Webpage test.

Our original site was at 3.502s and is now at 5.695s
Chrome Lighthouse audits for Performance were at a 48% and are now a 21%.

Is this a normal occurrence? Have others reported the same slowdown in speeds?


Following this thread, as it is an important issue.


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Following. Was working on converting site but just hit the brakes because of this news.


Following, We have also noted on our first upgraded website the page speed went from 3.03 seconds to 4.61 seconds - are there new optimizations we need to be aware of? I was under impression JupiterX would be considerably faster?


@erika_saracco It’s good if you share your issue via ticket so guys can access your site and do some testing to find possible issue.

It’s impossible to guess possible issues.


Following! We’ve found some improvement using the WPMU Dev tools (Hummingbird Pro & Smush Pro) but would feel much more comfortable and would love to be able to compress some files via JupiterX/Artbees natively so they stay up to date without worry.


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I noticed the same problem. The sites on Jupiter6 are much faster, even with the included video. Is this an ELEMENTOR problem?


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Anyone has issue with - https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights ?

Lighthouse returned error: FAILED_DOCUMENT_REQUEST. Lighthouse was unable to reliably load the page you requested. Make sure you are testing the correct URL and that the server is properly responding to all requests. (Details: net::ERR_TIMED_OUT)


@Raitis_Zgirskis That’s more likely to be a chrome plugin / extension issue. Try running in a clean identity or use a guess session.


I have also converted a couple of sites and have the same issues re load times. I have been able to mitigate it a little using my hosts (SiteGround) own optimization tools, but pretty much every page is a good 25%-100% slower once converted. I’m going to try a fresh install & build this week and see how that goes.

Did you get any feedback from ArtBees directly on this issue?


Even according to my experience, the JupiterX / Elementor pair, has a big speed issue compared to the Jupiter6 / VisualBuilder pair.
I created more than fifteen sites with Jupiter 6 and it is evident that the processing of the page by the webserver (and DB server) is much faster than the processing of pages created with jupiter X.
If I look at the timing graph for a tipical jupiter X webpage load, against a Jupiter 6 page load (obviously on the same server), I see a “backend” time around 2/3 seconds for the first, while the “backend” time for the latter is around 0.5/1 seconds.
Furthermore, while editing pages with jupiter 6 does not visibly affect the workload of the server, doing the same thing in jupiter x causes evident spikes in server load.


Following :+1: very important to solve before change to X


My JX site is fast 700ms on Pingdom , 1.5MB - 98 requests.

I am currently figuring out how to reduce font load time, my fonts get loaded at 900kb , more than half the total load time, I cant yet figure it out


You need to reconfigure your server LAMP stack with OLS.
Openlitespeed with Jupiter X gives 100 out of box no throttle
3G environment is default 68%, you need to edit OLS cache(comes with) to maximize, I get 84% on average with GTM and external JS.


Having the same issues I hope they find a fix for this asap.


do you use wpml? current version of jupiter x has problems with this plugin


Personally, Jupiter X has faster load times on all 50 of my installs that have been converted from Jupiter 6 - by 1-3 seconds on average (faster) :slight_smile:

What hosting do you use?