Jupiter X Elementor


Hi there I need desperate help.
I have a problem that has been going on for days.

I use the Elementor, I cannot work on my landing page anymore the safe button does not work anymore.I get a internal server error 500, I spoke to my host my memorylimit is on the max.
The plugins go deinstalled and even the Elementor support will not help me.
alll the other pages are fine I can work on them and safe everything.
I am desperate as I need to change something on the main page.
am I able to deinstall Jupiter x and load it in fresh without loosing my work. website cannot go down.
anybody has a problemfix for me. it is very urgent.


I got the same problem, for now only on the main page since I updated to Jupiter 1.3.0


Hi Ole_Roloff,
did you get in solved?