Jupiter X+Elementor Update 2.4 + Raven = Crash


Hi Guys, I’m trying to figuring out, what happend with my site. Just installed the official update “Elementor” to 2.4. After that, my site was gone. Just fixed it a bit by deleting the “Raven”-Plugin. But after that the menu from my site is gone. I’ve tried to reinstall an older Elementor-Version, but i failed. So: What happend? And: Can you fix the problem?


Elementor 2.4.0 currently breaks raven plugin.
I messaged Artbees to see if they hot fix it asap but meanwhile don’t update elementor to latest version until this issue is fixed.


Thx! Good, that they tested their software with the recommend plugins… /irony off


I’ve got the same problem. Just updated elementor and saw, in debug mode, the error concerning the raven plugin.


Everything exploted with this update!


Please checkout the solution to this issue here http://forums.artbees.net/t/elementor-2-4-raven-crashes-the-site-and-shows-a-fatal-error/


i had the same problem just now