Jupiter X Elementor Headers not Translating


I have setup two Elementor header Templates (one full and one sticky) this feature appears to work, but the site isn’t allowing them to use the translated versions when the site is visited in a different language.

English template list:

Spanish Template list:

I expected the header and function like the footer does and show the translated version. Thoughts or suggestions? I am using WPML.

Customizer: Header:

List of all available headers from the customizer:


What about the content of the header? Does that translate?


I finally resolved this by chance. I activated the customizer while looking at the translated version and was able to changed the header settings just for the specific language. I don’t understand why the footer switches automatically, but I had to set the header in the customizer for each language.


If I get it right, you were able to set different header settings for different languages using the Customizer?


Correct. I wish the customizer had a way to switch languages from within it, but if I changed the language before using the customizer link in the admin bar I was able to make changes for the specific language.