Jupiter X, elementor etc frustrations


Hello , I just spend few hours playing with settings and features of jupiter X and elementor… waist of time
I am sorry to said, but Elementor will never be Visual Composer, your other plugins causing problems during updates. Old Jupiter theme with VisualComposer is superior over JupiterX in every way and user friendly, of course.
For example, first ever, page made with Elementor, never showed up…
Frustrating, pretty much…


You speak to me from the soul.
I wrote a similar post in December - as you can imagine there was no feedback from the developers…


Hey Simon, I read your post. I totally understand you.
I must say that failure of display first page created with
Elementor was due lack of PHP Memory, it was 96 mb so I set to 256 as recommended.
But than trouble starts with content and navigation and I can’t remove unwanted sidebar etc.
Conclusion, I have experience with a lot of Jupiter - Visual Composer installations, with almost zero problems.
So I do not understand what is going on with Jupiter X.
If this is only to get rid of third party plugins, than it is big failure.


i cannot agree. first it was also hard for me to start from 0 with elementor, but there are a lot of new features and things visual composer not have. like custom headers, import export of sections etc.

its correct hat jupiter x needs more ressources, i use always 256 or 384mb memory


I can understand the problem. I had a few tries with JuptiterX myself. It doesn’t seem very intuitive to me, upgrades from Jupiter6 do not work properly and Elementor is simply unappealing to me. Sooner or later I will have to look around for another template. Too bad I was a Jupiter fan.