Jupiter X and WPBakery Elements


Just bought the Jupiter Theme and install the Jupiter X with the WPBakery. Now there are no Jupiter Elements/Shortcodes available just the default WPBakery ones. How can I install the Jupiter Elements? Call me old fashioned but I don´t like Elementor.
Thank you


Adding to this,

“Page Section” element of old WP Bakery does not work anymore with jupiterX.

Existing Scenario of my site:
jupiterX + WpBakery 5.5.5 = Broken Site

for instance, the following code of Wpbakery does not work in jupiterX:

[mk_page_section padding_top="0" padding_bottom="0" sidebar="sidebar-1"][vc_column][mk_revslider id="homepage-4"][/vc_column][/mk_page_section]

Really disappointed with its backward compatibility support.

Anyone have any idea whats going on with future of JupiterX?


Same Problem Jupiter WPBakery Elements not included.
I copied the /components/shortcodes directory from Jupiter to my Jupiter X child theme and renamed it to vc-elements but I can´t find the code in Jupiter for functions.php.
The Standard code for implementing VC_elements in functions.php don´t work:

// Before VC Init
add_action( ‘vc_before_init’, ‘vc_before_init_actions’ );

function vc_before_init_actions() {

// Link your VC elements's folder
if( function_exists('vc_set_shortcodes_templates_dir') ){ 
    vc_set_shortcodes_templates_dir( get_template_directory() . '/vc-elements/shortcodes' );



The WPbakery Page Builder elements that worked in Jupiter 6 won’t work in Jupiter X because we have switched to Elementor for good.

All the theme related elements present in Jupiter 6 are present in Jupiter X also but through Elementor and a plugin that we have created called Raven.



Dude… Ugh, Hate it.


This is a terrible idea. Many people have been using WPBakery for a long time and Elementor is unnecessarily complicated and trash.


Well, you can stick with Jupiter 6. You don’t necessarily have to update to Jupiter X.

Moreover, we will release a plugin in future that will add our WPBakery elements to Jupiter X also and then you will be able to use WPBakery in Jupiter X like you do in Jupiter 6.


When is this happening?


Will artbees give support to the older Jupiter users in order to get their websites running without WP and plugin update issues?
I seems that this plugin you talk (that permits WP Bakery in X) won’t arrive soon.