Jupiter (vs) Ken


Would love to hear what the members and owners think regarding the JUPITER (vs) KEN theme.

Which do you like better?

What are the main differences?

Why would you pick one over the other?

Really looking forward to hearing everyones response.


We consider those two themes as complete separate ones, it depends on your taste of design. Many people like Jupiter design but also many prefer The Ken design.

Our customer are welcomed to give their idea of differences here as well :smile:
Thank you


Totally understand that they are different. But I was hoping you might be able to tell us what those differences are. Why choose one over the other. Any advantages to one over the other, etc??


Sorry but we really can not favor one over another.

For example Ken has the option of secondary header which you can add more than one menu on the same page.

Jupiter has more diverse Portfolio and Blog styles than Ken.

But you can have judgment yourself from demo pages which will be the ultimate guide for you:


Thank you.


They clearly dedicate much more effort to creating templates for Jupiter than they do for The Ken. We went for The Ken before Jupiter existed, and at the time it was the best option for developing our website. It was to our dissapointment that we discovered that they basically discontinued the support for The Ken and are now only releasing updates to improve stability, no more new themes, no introduction of the Jupiter WYSIWYG editor for The Ken.

Essentially, unless they start developing The Ken actively, such as introducing lots more templates, like they have for Jupiter, and bringing over their page builder and customizability functionality to Ken, then they may as well just dump the theme.

TLDR: Go with Jupiter for now, because they did a brilliant job developing that theme, and made is extremely customizable. Unless you see a template for The Ken which is exactly what you need (unlikely) then I would go with Jupiter, because you can essentially build anything with it. If I could go back in time and get my money back, I would hold off until Jupiter was released and then purchase Jupiter, not the Ken.

Hope you are able to make the right choice! :slight_smile: