Jupiter v6.3 beta + Donut 1.0


Dear Artbees Beta Testers,

We are here to announce that Jupiter 6.3 Beta 1 is now released and ready for testing!
Here’s where the fun begins! Once you download the 6.3 Beta 1 release from your Artbees Dashboard, - Here -, we’d love to get your feedback on the following specific feature(s):

  • Donut Plugin.

Actually, the only thing that is being changed in the v6.3 is Donut plugin. We were promising this plugin before and now it’s ready as a beta version. It is a big step to make Jupiter compatible with the original version of WPBakery Page Builder.

In order to use the Donut plugin, you need to update the Jupiter theme to v6.3. Also, if you install the Donur plugin without updating the theme to 6.3, it won’t harm your current website. It is only effective when you update the theme to 6.3.

If you are curious about using Jupiter X theme with Donut plugin, you need to wait a little bit more. We need to make sure the Donut Plugin is working fine on Jupiter v6 before releasing it for Jupiter X.

NOTE: Please do not install and test Beta releases on your live website; we wouldn’t want you to accidentally lose any data!

You can directly submit your feedback regarding functionality and bugs in the community forums by creating a new topic Here so that other users can also see and validate them. Our developers will also be able to see your reports and validate them. In the same forum, developers will inform you of the process.

You may fill out your reports using the following template:

Version Number
File Attachment(s): Images and videos are the most helpful and descriptive part of a bug report.
Note: You may use this tool for taking screenshots: https://prnt.sc/1 and this one for recording videos: http://recordit.co/
Steps to reproducing the bug:

Please do not report bugs which are already tagged as “reportedtodev” or “requestnoted”. They are already validated and reported to our development team.

Please create your own topic to report bugs or request features.

NOTICE: Please do not install and test Beta releases on your live website due to data loss possibility.

Thank you very much for your attention.