Jupiter V1.3.0 Issues


Updated two sites today, both of them just said processing request and my browser asked for a page reload as if I’d clicked on a link to go somewhere.

I refreshed and it says theme update failed. Although I can see I am on 1.3.0, so not sure it if was truly successful or not?

Also noticed broken image icons on control panel etc. Which I assume is due to this update failing or not working properly?

Any advice? News?


Also Custom Fields Pro isn’t updating on one of the websites. Keep getting an error from Jupiter Control Panel when trying to update.



Jupiter X theme uses some essential plugins and its important to update these plugins after update theme. We saw some of users does not do this. So we have added a feature that runs a check for essential plugins and let user install them easily via modal.

Once you install / update the needed plugins via modal, you will be able to install Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin freely without any problem.

Note: In Jupiter X v1.3.0, “Advanced Custom Fields (Lite)” is added to plugins.


Not sure about the errors where it said update failed but on one of the sites I was experiencing issues I just downgraded and upgraded it again and it worked fine. Fixed any issues.