Jupiter Update


my site was updated to the latest jupiter theme and now i have a youtube video playing on all of my visual composer pieces that i added in the admin of the pages…

my parallax video background is set to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMJXxhRFO1k
But i did not set it and now all of my pages are showing this…



OK for anyone who runs into this…

If you update Jupiter 5.0 then you MUST update visual composer to v5.0.2!
Or your parallax feature will turn into a hardcoded youtube video as i posted above.

Here is the link to the latest version: http://static-cdn.artbees.net/plugins/js_composer_theme.zip

Hope this helps anyone that runs into this problem.


Have the same problem, but my VC is up to date. Is there any other solution to this problem?!


uninstall VC and then reinstall the latest one.



i have the same problem with the latest versions of VisualComposer (5.1.1) and Jupiter (5.9.4).
I have the Video BG even if i don’t set a video or an image.
Maybe there is a solution.



Hello I have the same problem

My config is :
Jupiter version 5.5
I have bought WPBakery plugin so my version is 6.1 (last one today)

Updating my WPBakery plugin content of my pages are not displayed and I can see the same youtube video in background of each component (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMJXxhRFO1k)

I have try to solve it by uninstalling plugins, and install it again from Jupiter or manually directly and the result is the same : no content displayed

When I uninstall WPBakery plugin I can see my pages in html format with mk… tag but not interpreted.
When installing again WPBakery plugin it disappears.

Do you have any solution for this problem ?
Why this youtube video is displayed ?

Thx for your help