Jupiter theme options broken in WP 5


We’re testing Jupiter 6.1.6 with WordPress 5.0.2 in a localhost setup with MAMP. Base url is localhost:8888/subdirectory.

Upon initial site load, all works as expected. Upon navigation to an interior page, the link to the theme-options css is lost, duplicating the level of the subdirectory, so “http://localhost:8888/subdirectory/wp-content/uploads/mk_assets/theme-options-production-1546469878.css” is instead output as “http://localhost:8888/subdirectory/subdirectory/wp-content/uploads/mk_assets/theme-options-production-1546469878.css”.

If the theme options are re-saved and the page is refreshed, then all goes back to normal. But, again, on navigating to another page, the subdirectory level is duplicated in the theme options css link.
We did not see this behavior under WordPress < 5.0. Any insight?

Many thanks


Could you please check if you have correctly added the site URL and the home URL in settings?


Yes, they are correctly entered. All other site functions work fine relative to the root. It’s only the generation of the link to the theme options css that gets bumped.


This might need some investigation.
Please log into your Artbees account and start the live chat with us so that we can investigate the issue further.