Jupiter Really Slow



I’ve just installed Jupter(5.5) to new Wordpress Installation. I find that the site now loads really slowly.

I tested with the default 2017 theme and page loads in 2-3 seconds, but with jupiter activated it can take over 10 seconds to load(often longer). With the theme active even the dashboard takes a long time to respond.

I’m using Smush for images and Wp-Super-cache but it still takes ages. I’m not using any other plugins.

Any ideas why this would be happening ?

site address is nicestudios.net



Hi, Just to clarify, I realise that a jupiter site will take longer to load than one with standard 2017 theme but it’s the initial response time time I’m talking about rather than full site load.



For better results in Google PageSpeed please kindly follow the links below:

Also due to GTmetrix results https://gtmetrix.com/reports/nicestudios.net/j6wkkc9z you need follow their suggestions to increase site loading speed.
These articles should help you:

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I’m experiencing the same thing. Jupiter theme is so impossibly, incredibly slow and although it looks lovely I almost regret purchasing it and would resent it if I had to do each and every one of your suggestions manually in order to have it open a web-page in under a decade. I can see why the page loader is necessary, because when it’s off it becomes apparent how dire the situation is. Is there anything you guys are going to do to fix this?


If u use WP Rocket plugin, after the first cache its fast as hell :smiley:


Absolute nightmare. It seems that it got even slower after today’s update.
It is really sad to be in such a situation after we did so much work on our website.
But with the speed theme offers it is absolute suicide for our web identity, people will run far away after spending more than 5 seconds while pages are loading.

our site is: www.3Dirbtuves.lt

Would you have any comments?

And please don’t give me the links of page tests with a possible solutions - we’ve checked it hundred of times, we are using Speed Optimizations tab in theme options. Plugins which optimize and caches files. Nothing works!

If you don’t have reasonable suggestions will have to say good bye to this theme (worst investment so far)


If you are unable to get your page load times down, it is most likely your server environment. I run my own dedicated server, and my hosting company worked with me to enable the options and tools to work with W3 Total Cache and Jupiter Theme settings, and my load times are down to 1s - 2s on mobile and desktop.

Check with your hosting company…, it’s not jupiter, because that theme rocks. I am currently running 5 installations of it for clients.


I agree with Joe, I have a graphic/content heavy website (https://itecsonline.com) and my load times are very fast. I host with Siteground.com, they’ve been rated one of the top WP hosting providers. I switched from Bluehost.com to them since I was getting horrible cache and memory issues.


My server is with Liquid Web, …they are awesome. They have a server environment set up that caters to Word Press users many would be interested in. More expensive, but would probably solve a lot of these speed and security issues for those that are time or tech skills challenged. https://new.liquidweb.com/products/managed-wordpress/


I had speed issues with several different servers, HostGator, Godaddy, Bluehost both shared and WordPress VPS. The site was optimized to the max. It wasn’t until we went to a dedicated server did the site load time, including the admin panel improve DRAMATICALLY. More expensive, but less headaches. Should have done this months ago.


Hi, so after installing jupiter theme my whole server gets slow occasionaly.

From what Ive noticed as soon as I log in into wp-admin my server stats go crazy (Entry Processes, Physical Memory Usage, I/O Usage, IOPS, Number of Processes), everything slows down, sometimes to complete stop even though all my websites are very optimized (main one with jupiter theme has 95, 80 gtmertix, and 90 google page speed)

I have no idea what might be causing the issue, as when I log out wp-admin, everything goes back to normal and functions well.

Ive been with my hosting provider for 8 years, and hosting multiple websites, Ive never had any problems.


Sorry for the late “up” but I have exactly the same experience, in three different servers. I thought it was a server issue but that is definitely not the case! The website gets occasionally stuck, in both front and back-end when using the back-end for changes (browser message: “waiting for server response”).


Same thing here. The website get’s stuck! With no-traffic in a SSD cloud server which sits on its own! The server is still ok and up but the website is not working. The weird thing is this happens occasionally. With waiting times of up to 40 seconds, and google page speed test of 90+ % I do not know what is the case!


I installed WP fastest cache and it loads very quickly after it’s been cached. First byte load is quite slow though but I’m pretyt sure that is due to crappy bluehost.



I think that you should investigate your server logs, since it seems to be the case that some web server misconfiguration is causing your issues.

To be honest, if you are using Apache and did not assign enough memory to the site (with the Jupiter theme) and/or use something like FPM, it is no surprise that your site would get stuck, even though the server is still working (“is” = that seems to be the case, but it is rather not).

Also be aware that you should not use old PHP versions with the latest version Jupiter theme: you actually can, but this will cause severe problems sooner or later.

I cannot make an educated guess with respect to the root cause of the problem, but check your logs and in specific the logs of the web server: they will give you all the answers you want to hear!




If you are talking about TTFB, never mind that: just read this Cloudflare blog and smile.

I could have explained that myself, but why not refer to this excellent article?

And that article also hints you to a solution that would help you even more than the caching plugin: NGINX!

Sure, you are asking yourself why I am trying to get you off the caching plugin that works for you?

Well, a simple answer exists: it is all handled on the Apache level, which is the wrong level.

Nginx as a proxy (in front of Apache or any other web server) gives you more power and less load on the Apache web server…

… meaning that you can do the same and even more with a proper Nginx configuration, without having the additional load that the caching plugin puts on your Apache web server.

I hope that this suggestion helps a bit in improving the performance of your site!

Kind regards…