Jupiter One page scrolling. Preloader happens before scrolling to any section


Using Jupiter and never had this problem before. I have three sections on a one page site. Using Home Page Scroll as my template. I want a preloader for the whole site, but every time you click the menu to scroll to a section, the preloader comes up first at the homepage level, then takes you to the section.

It’s annoying. I’ve tried disabling all preloaders, including the Jupiter Theme Option for the whole site.
It’s still happening.

anyone have any idea how to stop this. I must be missing something. It’s the default template and doesn’t happen on their template. Thanks in advance.


Did you found solution to this? It seems that I’m stuck with same issue!
Each time I want to jump to certain page section by clicking on menu item - page gets refreshed/pre-loaded and only then goes to selected section.


Still no solution for this problem? Artbees Support please help!