Jupiter Header Builder shortcode



We want to add [thrive_leads id='3051'] to the theme header builder. Currently there does not seem to be a way to add shortcodes to Jupiter header blocks. You can add a logo, text, navigation and such, but when you add shortcode tot the text block it is not parsed.


Thank you for the feature request. We will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests or if our developers see it fit.



Yes please short codes in header builder seems like a must!!! Please include this feature in your next updates :pray:t3:


jupiter theme Header Builder textbox Shortcode
Please add features.


Very need shortcodes in the Header Builder


I think they are currently working on a new setup with the Elementor page builder. That would mean header, body and footer would be built with it. That would also mean it is unlikely they will improve the current header builder. But if I am wrong @Danish_Iqbal can always let us know.


+1 for shortcode support in header builder



@Jasper_Frumau is correct.



You are absolutely right.
I don’t think the Header Builder will be improved anymore because you can now create limitless custom headers using the Elementor in Jupiter X.


By the way, changing header-builder/includes/shortcodes/mkhb-textbox.php@L133 from
$text = htmlentities( rawurldecode( base64_decode( strip_tags( $content ), true ) ), ENT_COMPAT, ‘UTF-8’ );
$text = do_shortcode(htmlentities( rawurldecode( base64_decode( strip_tags( $content ), true ) ), ENT_COMPAT, ‘UTF-8’ ));
Will add shortcodes to the header builder textboxes,