JetWooBuilder Product Sorting Options not working



I have an problem with a website where the Product Sorting Options won’t work.
If you select the Product Sorting Option on the products page (WooCommerce webshop default page of the website) it won’t change in sorting order.

I did try the following:

  • Add the WordPress Elementor element “Products”.
  • Using the Jet Woo Builder Products Grid.
  • Use the default filters options from WordPresss like “Price” and “Property”.

In the link of the website the codes are added for the sorting options (?orderby=price) so it kinda works but the products won’t change in order.

Is this an bug or is there an diffrent way to add the Product Sorting Options to Jupiter X?

If you need more information please let me know.

Best regards,
Dennis de Jong


Hi, I’m having the same issue…did you manage to solve it? And if so, could you share what you did to solve it? Many thanks!