Jetmenu Responsive Menu not working


This has been an issue since I installed JupiterX months ago and I’ve finally found some time to try and fix it. Unfortunately I can’t find the answer. When I check my website on my iPhone my responsive menu it looks like this

It has like a 50% black box covering the menu and I can’t click on any of the links. Has anyone had the same issue that could point me in the right direction.



Also I’m using mega menus, it appears that the cover background color is in front of the actual menu, this prevents any of the links in the menu to work.


I had that same problem, but Danish from ArtBees was able to fix it for me with this:

There seems to be some weird issue and for now I fixed it by adding the below CSS to Jupiter -> Theme Options -> Advanced -> Custom CSS

body.jet-mobile-menu-visible .jet-mobile-menu-cover{


Thanks, that worked :slight_smile: