JetMenu on mobile does not work properly


Hi, I get a serious error from the JetMenu plugin on Jupiter X.

Practically a hamburger menu is created which, when opened, also brings the overlay in relief above the menu items.

Thus making selection on a menu item impossible, indeed, the menu is closed again.

Can you help me?

Below a photo of the problem.

You can go to the following link:



I’m having the same issues as Matteo, can a developer tell us the solution?


I’m having this issue here:

when viewing on mobile there is a black overlay which stops the navigation working and then when you click it the navigation disappears again.
Is this a bug or do I need to change a setting?
Can support get back tome on this ASAP please


Hi David, I’m having the same issue and after checking your website it seems you managed to fix it.
Can you place share the solution?



Sorry for late reply, I’m afraid I can’t remember how I fixed it.
I think I ended up recreating the menu from scratch and managed to not have the same problem.
Shame the developers don’t seem to care to actually look into these issues.