Jet PopUp - mailchimp date field issue on tablet/mobile


I’ve set up jet popup with maichimp no problem and have got it all working fine, however for some reason, when trying to sign up either on a mobile or table, the date field (birthday - DD/MM) doesn’t work…as in, I’m completely unable to input any numbers (or letters). It defaults to the standard keyboard, where usually it’d open up a date select wheel (i’m on iPhone).

on desktop, the date input works perfectly fine.

I’ve had to remove the Birthday field for the time being, but it’d be good to get this fixed for tablet/mobile users please.

any ideas what could be causing this issue?


Hi Simon,

Probably another DOM element with a higher z-index is preventing the mail chimp filed to be clickable. You need to find out what element is that using the browser developer tools. I can help you if you share your page link containing that popup.



Hey Mohsen, thanks for the reply - the popup button is on under the initial slider in the promo section - SIGN UP!.

I’ve re-added the birthday field so that you can take a look…




Thanks. Can you also put the sign up button on a new page without any other element please?


sure, of course!

thanks :slight_smile:



Thanks. There is a weird behaviour happening on your website. The same form is working fine when I use it on my test website and place it inside a popup just like yours. There is a JS code that will revert the type of the field to “date” as soon as you click on it. It is working fine on your website too, however, it seems like the phone device considers the type of the form to still be the “text”. When I manually change the type to “date” it will show the date picker fine on mobile devices. Can you confirm that you have enabled the “Native HTML” option for that date field on the raven form?


Sorry, “Native HTML” option? I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find this? Where should I be looking?