Jet Parallax image position issue


It’s somewhat difficult to get the Jet Parallax background image to work at the very top of a page under a transparent header but the real issue is when screen resolution and spect ratio is changed. The parallax image is pushed down leaving an empty space between top of the page and the background image. In Jupiter 6 there was an option called first element or something like this to make sure contents of the top section always stick to the top edge of the page. Is there something like this in JX?


Actually same issue is present when Jet Parallax element is in the middle of the page. The background image is pushed down leaving white gap when resolution/screen size changes.


Can you share a page URL on which you have added this so that the problem can be understood?



Danish, since I would have to give you access to my staging environment is there a way I can send you the credentials privately?


You can share that via personal message.
Click on the name and you will see the message button.


Whenever you get this figured out it would be a perfect subject to be added to the growing list in the Jupiter X Video Tutorial library.



Was any solution ever determined for this issue? The size of the gap being created seems to be inexplicably tied to the Parallax Speed setting. The lower the speed, the smaller the gap.

Edit: I was able to circumvent the issue by using a tall image (roughly 2x width) and setting the animation property to background position.


Nope, the issue was never resolved. Glad to hear you were able to find a workaround. Does it still work if you change screen resolution?