Jet Elements For Elementor Breaks Jupiter X


Hi there,

Has anyone got a solution to getting Jet Elements to work with the most recent update? As soon as I activate the plugin, Elementor stops working :frowning:




I got same problem after today Raven update (to Version 1.0.3). Website stops working


Are you using the basic version of Elementor or the Pro version?


Raven 1.0.3 has been around a since a couple of weeks, so, I don’t think that is the problem.
Which version of the theme and Elementor are you using?


Thank you for reply. I have WP 5.0.2, Jupiter X v1.0.3, Elementor 2.4.0-beta2 (not pro). I updated Elementor and Raven yesterday and site stops working. I deleted Raven folder from Plugins. Error disappeared and it starts working but without Ranven elements.

Maybe I have to downgrade Elementor and Raven?


You are using a beta version of Elementor which hasn’t been released as stable yet and it is meant to fail.

Let’s wait for it’s stable version and then see.


How to downgrade Elementor and Raven to previous version? My site looks poor without Raven elements.


I deleted Elementor 2.4.0-beta2, installed 2.3.8 from and reinstaled Raven 1.0.3 and it solve problem. Thank you Danish_Iqbal


I’m glad you figured it out.

Just a tip, the plugins that ship with the theme including Elementor should always be updated from Jupiter X -> Control Panel -> Required Plugins.

In case, there is no update button available, then you should wait for it till we release it and you should not update it from the original source :slightly_smiling_face:


So going back to my original post, i’m using the latest release of Jupiter X as well as using the latest bundled plugins. Tried multiple times to get it to work but it instantly breaks as soon as I activate Jet Elements. Please help!


We will have to investigate this further.
Could you please start a live chat with us. You can do that from your Artbees account.


Hi @Danish_Iqbal, i’ve waited on liver chat for 5 hours without any luck… please can you get back to me with another option? Cheers!


There is an influx currently and that is why the response time has increased.
You will get an email once an agent replies to your query.


Hi yea you can appreciate why I gave up waiting after 5 hours right… you try it :wink:

I’ve just sent you an email with logins. The 4 jet elements ready to activate break Elementor when activated. Tried each one individually.

Thanks in advance for your help.



I understand waiting can be really annoying :smile:


Still no solution to this problem?


This issue has already been solved for 2 users in this post.

Are you facing the exact issue? If yes, please start a live chat with us as we will need to investigate this more. The investigation can vary from site to site.