JE in conflict with Elementor


Hi everyone,

Like the title says, Jet Elements is in conflict with Elementor.

Here’s my problem:

I try to make a not too “heavy” page, but after a few “blocks” he refuses to save it.
When I switch off JE, he saves all the blocks again, except for the Table widget, and it’s not visible on the page neither.
Even when I switch on JE again, the widget remains invisible.

When I delete a few more blocks, he saves the Table widget again and you can see it on the webpage.

All important plugins have been updated, and all server settings are at their max or even higher.

Can you help me further please
I can give you access to wordpress, the server, root, whatever you need to resolve this issue!!!

Another minor problem is the fact that sometimes when i’m using a textblock, the spacebutton doesn’t work anymore
To resolve this i must put the cursor directly into the text frame and push space and it’s back ok.
Still no clue what triggers this issue, it’s in the last couple of weeks that it appear and not every time.

thanks in advance



This is the page: The last days have a table, but that i mad manually
Where you see 3 columns 1 is white and there must you see a table like on this page


No one??? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: