Issues with Default Video Player Size and Vimeo links


On my video portfolio, the player size does not coincide with the sizes of my videos. I therfeore get black bars on top and bottom. this happens both on the ajax player and the player in the portfolio post page.
All my URL links are standard Vimeo 1080p video links. In the format section of the portfolio settings i can chose the type of media (audio, video etc…) but can’t find any setting for player size. It seems odd to me that default player would not coincide with standard HD size.
Also, i have customised the vimeo player in vimeo to show the “like” icon on the player when the video is embedded, but it seems like the “like” button is too high on the ken player, and therfore it is not visible on the video featured image. I think these 2 problems might be linked.
Would be great if someone could help me out with this.
i have included two screegrabs of the issue.
thanks in advance.