Is there a way to use jupiter templates with ken theme


is there a way to use jupiter templates with ken theme. Jupiter theme has so much more selection than the Ken. Looks like Ken is not being worked on anymore.


I dont think its possible but as I dont have much (read zero) experience with The Ken I never can be 100% sure.
But Jupiter templates are nothing more but settings of a theme. So you can recreate absolutely every Jupiter template from zero and using Jupiter default template. I assume its pretty much the same with The Ken.

We almost never use premade templates with Jupiter. I dont say that we havent got inspiration from them but there is actually no need to use templates as they give no new functionality nor design elements.


Ok, thanks. Just figured uploading a template would speed things up instead of trying to recreate design/settings.


Thats true. You can try with a clean installation and see if it works but I dont think that it does. For one thing, The Ken and Jupiter have much different theme options panel (I believe atleast) and also shortcodes.