Invalid value in field "itemtype"


Hi there,

I am currently receiving an error on Google Web Master tool. The problem is caused by this particular code below.

There should have been like that “…” but the following codes shows “”…"" and Google is giving an error.

This code exists right after section that main menu ends. In which file and line of codes I can find that and fix. Basically, all I need to do is to delete extra " marks. Thank you very much for your help.


Did you get a fix on this?


You can checkout this solution Structured Data Errors in schema-type WebPage


Yep I had fixed it with following answer.


I am having this same error Invalid value in field ‘itemtype’. How do I fix this?

I have applied the Structured Data code fix above and now its saying this new error. I am trring to get my new site picked up by google!!!