Install template with Jupiter X



I am currently working online on a copy of my site to update Jupiter to Jupiter X

  • When I add a new template, all my pages, articles are deleted.
  1. Is this normal?
  2. How do I keep my data?




Yes, this is normal.

Installing a new template will remove all the previous content of your site and replace it with the new content of the template.

Yes, Summanus template is available to install in Jupiter X.



So is there a way around this so that all my information is NOT deleted? I have a LIVE site that I want to use a new “Theme/Template” and DO NOT want all my information deleted. Or do I simply have to build it from scratch?

Thanks for your help!


The workaround is to first export all the site content using the Tools -> Export

Then, install the template.

After that, import the content that you exported first using Tools -> Import.

Before doing anything, please take a full backup of the site including the database just in case, some issue happens.