Improve Visibility for devices


The “Visibility for devices” is a nice concept but hard to work with because it is exclusive.
In other words it is impossible to at the same time make something visible only/hidden only for multiple devices (i.e. both tablets & smartphone).
Tipically, if you have a shortcode with heavy content that takes time to download you want to have it disable on both smartphone & tablets.
That would be nice to make the thing more flexible.


Thank you for your feature request. Our developers will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests and they see it fit.


I would love this feature, too! It’s not difficult to add @media tags in the CSS but it would sure save time while using the backend editor.


This should be a must!!! The logic behind it is actually illogical. If you want to hide on a “Tablet 768px to 1024px”, then why would you want to show it for anything below 768px??? If something is not looking right @ 768px and I want to hide it, then I want to hide it for everything smaller than 768px as well.

We should be able to input the min and max pixel range we want. For example:

Visibility For Devices:
(Choice) Hidden, Visible for the pixel range:
Min: ______

Wouldn’t something like this be easier to code anyway? You would only have 2 variables instead of 13 different scenarios that are currently coded. Just a thought…


Any response on this? I have just encountered this issue and am flabbergasted by the ridiculousness of this feature! Come on, ArtBees! You are way better than this!


Me too!! I have just come across this problem as well. I am surprised I haven’t come across it sooner to be fair. It seems incredibly illogical and I am shocked that this even got designed in this way.

Either keep the same system but allow us to select multiple instances of it or re-think the pixel width options.


Yes me too. It cost me and my client a lot of frustration. The solution that Xentric_Solutions mentioned seems like a great solution:

Visibility For Devices:
(Choice) Hidden, Visible for the pixel range:
Min: ______


Hi guys,

Same request here!
This feature doesn’t make sense at the moment…


I actually think this feature has gotten worse. It seems as though there are gaps in the widths where no content will display.

I know this is an integration from VC but…


Yes, I’d like improved functionality for displaying element widths and heights on tablets and mobile phones.


Please, improve the functionality of this feature.


Any solution? Could you - make some update to theme - possibility to chocie more options of resolutions - Visibility For devices