Images are not aligning center


Hi, for some reason my images that are either not full size or are vertical (aka do not fill the width of the content box) are not aligning center. It is all aligning left. I can’t seem to find the cause of this and have been looking all over. Here is an example of a post where you can see non-full sized or vertical pics are defaulting to aligning left.



The images are actually aligning center when the page is loading but after the page load, the images move back to the left.

Can you try this CSS

.mk-single-content .wp-caption .size-full{
	margin: 0 auto;



Hi Danish, I added the CSS to the custom CSS area and still it switches to aligning left. I see it as well that it starts out aligning fine but changes after the fact. Thanks.


Okay, can you try this one:

.mk-single-content .wp-caption .size-full{
	margin: 0 auto !important;


I think this worked. Thanks!


You’re welcome.

Best regards,
Artbees Support.