If I install a new template will it kill the old one?


I have worked up my website using the default Ken template. But I want to build a new page based on what I have seen on an alternative template.

However, I don’t want to lose all the formating and tweaking I have already done to my pages.

If I install The Freelancer, is it going to kill all the work I have already done? I just want to figure out the short codes they used on one of the pages.

My site is here http://mckeephotography.com


Hello @Matt_McKee

Just install that template on your localhost and go to that page. Copy the whole shortcodes by clicking on the Edit Page.
Now paste it into your new page on your live server. Replicate the page setting manually from the page on the localhost.

Note: Installing another template will mess up your whole site. New template are always supposed to be installed on a fresh WordPress installation.

You can always create a page from any template to your existing template by just copying the shortcodes of that page.

Best regards,
Artbees Support


Thanks Pankaj. That’s what I thought.