Icon pack on the templates front page


Excuse me, there i could find an icon pack from the jupiter templates front page?

That icon pack from the 2nd screen.

I saw it and immidiatly loved it but there’s no such icon’s in iconbox2 or in icons library.

Please tell me name of iconpack. Thanks.


Rly wanto to know. Cant find this icons. Help please :slight_smile:


I’m talking about this icon pack. Could anyone recognise it, please :slight_smile: ?


please, still want to find this iconpack, but how?


still believe that someone could recognise this gorgeous iconpack


Well, I’ve a very efficient technique when I want to find the origin of an image.

I just download it, or copy the url link and paste it on the google image finder.

Then, you can see a lot of result. I’ve find your icon set like that, it’s available here :

Have fun !


You are my hero! Thanks alot!