Icon box 2 - <made H1>


Hi, this is my first message in here.
For stater a simple question:
In this webpage: http://www.diagnostictechniqueglobal.net/diagnostic-amiante/
I need “diagnostic amiante” to be my

, but quite suprisingly it is not that easy, can’t find any tool into the icon box that set that up.
Any idea?



Do you want the Icon Box title to be as H1 instead of H3??
Do you want it only for this page??



Only this one, if possible.
Regards :).


Please try adding the below JS to Jupiter -> Theme Options -> Advanced -> Custom JS

	$('.page-id-637 .mk-box-icon-2-title').replaceWith(function () {
		return "<h1 class='mk-box-icon-2-title'>" + $(this).html() + "</h1>";



Thank you for this solution,
But isn’t there a solution to do the same using jupiter page builder?


Unfortunately, not.

Modifying this requires to edit the core files which will reflect for every page then.

JS seems to be best solution here.




I believe the Google will crawl h3 before it gets replaced with h1, so I don’t think this solves the problem.



I’m not sure but last I heard that Google takes into consideration your JavaScript also and then starts crawling. If this is the case, then it will take the H1 instead of H3.