HTML Element in Header Builder



I was wondering if you will be including an HTML element into the header builder as I would like to do some custom coding within the builder as I trying to build a nav system that includes arrows but having a hard time working them in correctly and so I figure an HTML block will help in setting this up.


Yeah I was looking to adding an html widget too. Especially since shortcodes don’t work either. And that makes things really tough dealing with adding html subscription blocks…


We have already recieved this kind of request and we are working on it.

I am not exactly sure yet but hopefully, you will be able to use the HTML elements in a simple text block in the future Header Builder updates.



Yes, I would like to have very simple elements in my header, such as hr (a simple horizontal rule.) Have not figured out a solution yet. It would be great if that would be something in the drag-able elements.



It will be available in the future updates.



If there’s one thing an experienced web designer needs to master, it’s the “workaround”. I was able to use the button element to make my divider :slight_smile: example:
That said, just opening up the text to accept normal html would probably do the trick.