How to turn off Jupiter X's WooCommerce Styling


I there a way to turn off, remove or strip Jupiter X’s WooCommerce styling? I am using Elementor Pro to design my single product layout and Jupiter X’s style is messing it up.

Any advice or point my in the right direction to figure this out.

Thank you


I would like also to know this. I don’t know if there is any option to do that.


Unfortunately, no. There is no option for it at the moment.


You need to be able to disable or disable these styles. Or add more features )


Hi Mohsen, I see it in the same way. I would like to use the briefcase elementor widgets but they are not compatible with JupiterX. Their developer tried to solve the issue but they failed. With JupiterX there is a lack of “modern” design for my woocommerce pages… we need much more flexibility to create flexible shop pages. Would like to buy 10 more licenses but not sure if I am flexible enough with JupiterX anymore…especially for shop design… still happy with use for homepages…


Hi Guys. thakns for mentioning, I will raise a feature request for it right away. But as a recommendation, you can still design your shop pages compteley out of Jupiter X with Jet Woo Builder which is bundled with the theme for free.

Here is the plugin page: